Brief History


CTO & co-founder

Dynomics Inc.

Feb 2020 – Present San Francisco, California, USA | Brisbane, Australia

Combining cardiac biology, computer science, robotics, bioengineering and omics data to find molecules that reverse heart failure.

Areas include:
► computer vision, video microscopy, image cytometry, signal processing
► distributed supervised and unsupervised machine learning models
► multi-dimensional data optimization, processing and statistical modeling
► cloud based analysis and discovery

Additional support in marketing, accounting, sales, legal and everything else that powers an early stage company.


CTO & co-founder

Scaled Biolabs Inc.

Nov 2016 – Feb 2020 San Francisco, California, USA
Deploying microfluidics, automation, and machine learning to develop next generation cell-based medicines. Providing full-stack integration of hardware, wetware and software for high-throughput, high-detail biology. Additional support in marketing, sales, legal and everything else that powers an early stage company. Graduate company of Indie Bio (Batch 4), the world’s largest biotech accelerator.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Oct 2012 – Nov 2016 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Using computational physics to better understand galaxy evolution, non-linear structure formation, and the early Universe.

Areas include:
► non-linear dynamics, radiative transfer and N-body computation
► petascale computing and large scale analytics
► predictive modeling of billions of N-dimensional data points
► development of novel computational algorithms and analysis pipelines
12 published scientific papers, $200k in development grants awarded
► 10+ million CPU hours awarded on national supercomputing facilities
► The Caterpillar Project leader at MIT.
► A Illustris Project collaborator at Harvard.


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