Easier Astronomy Jobs

Most of the job hunting season is behind us and for many astronomers, firm decisions about the direction of our careers and lives have been set in motion. For the uninitiated, every Fall (northern hemisphere) astronomers facing the end of their contracts (whether that be as a PhD student, postdoc or research scientist) head to the dreaded ADS Job Register to see what possible future awaits them (assuming they decide to stay in the field).

Your Institute's Publication Profile

Today I wanted to get an idea of my home institute’s publication profile based on the staff list from its own website. I’m sure if you’re in academia you would have the same for your own. My list includes members which belong to various categories: faculty, affiliated faculty, postdoctoral scholar, student and technical staff. To build the profile, we need to make use of ADS metrics. For example we can search for a paper of interest on ADS labs:

Digests Of The Astronomy Arxiv

I took another look at ADS-python (a python tool for ADS) developed by Andy Casey. I modified his example script to email myself a digest of all of the papers published by my institute in the past month. I set it up as an automated cron job (10 0 1 * * python to be run on the 1st of each month so I don’t have to run the script anymore to get the digest.