Spotify Playlist Based On Local Gigs

Today it is extremely easy to access music. The days of celebrating 4kb/s via Napster are long over. For a small fee or even for free, you can access large quantities of music, on demand. If you know of a band or song, it is easy to find it on Youtube or Spotify (or any of the other services). This is great if you already know the music you are looking for.

Graphs Of Wikipedia: Mathematicians

I’ve recently been digging around the topic of influences so I thought it would be interesting to examine a few subnetworks within the large network of everyone. This time I set my scopes on mathematicians. There is no primary reason why other than – I can. I’ve long been interested in the history of mathematics and so I wondered what a network of great mathematicians actually looked like? Could there be underlying structures between mathematicians who have influenced each other over history?